Local community & voluntary organisations

With a little extra help, you can continue to live independently and enjoy your home and garden.

There is lots of help available from the local voluntary sector to help you manage more easily, or just to keep you company sometimes. They may be able to help you with:

  • Housekeeping, including vacuuming and cleaning the dishes 
  • Help with your laundry, ironing and other small house household tasks
  • Do your shopping for you
  • Collect your prescriptions 
  • Provide companionship 
  • Keep your garden nice and tidy
  • Change light bulbs, fix or replace a curtain rail or put up shelves

You may have to pay something towards the cost of some of these services, while others may be provided free of charge. Each of the organisations should tell you upfront if there is a cost involved, if you are unsure it's always best to ask:

Whitton Network
Phone: 020 8755 1336
Email: whittonnetwork@btconnect.com

Kew Neighbourhood Association
Phone: 020 8948 8054
Email: mail@kna.org.uk

Richmond Good Neighbours
Phone: 020 3538 4060
Email: organiser@richmondgoodneighbours.org.uk

FISH Neighbourhood Care
Phone: 020 8876 3336
Email: info@fishhelp.org.uk

Ham & Petersham SOS
Phone: 020 8948 1090
Email: enquiries@hamandpetershamsos.co.uk

HANDS Care Group
Phone: 020 8891 3346
Email: handscaregroup@handscaregroup.org.uk

Hampton and Hampton Hill Voluntary Care
Phone: 020 8979 9662
Email: ceo@greenwoodcentre.co.uk

Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group
Phone: 020 8943 3112
Email: tedd_hwvcg@btinternet.com