Choosing a care and support worker

It's important you choose a provider that you trust, and who'll provide you with a good care or support worker.

Although providers will have a number of different care and support workers helping people locally and you may not always see the same person every day, it's still important to take your time to choose the provider carefully. You should consider asking the following questions to help you make your decision:

  • Can they help you at the times of day or night you need them?
  • If you have a specific health condition for example, do they have the experience and skills to support you?
  • Is there an out-of-hours or emergency contact if needed?
  • What training and supervision do they provide for their care workers?
  • Are the workers well trained, reliable and kind?
  • What does their fee cover? Do they pay care and support workers a fair wage?
  • Are you confident that their care and support workers will treat you with respect and dignity?
  • How will the provider communicate with you to make sure you’re happy?
  • If you have a problem, how does it get resolved?
  • Are you confident you will not be discriminated against because of your age, gender, race, disability, faith or sexual orientation?

How it works

If you are thinking about getting a care or support worker to help you, we always recommend you approach the Council for an assessment, no matter what your circumstances and financial situation. Having an assessment is free of charge and it can help you and others understand your needs better and it will help you think through the options.

If you are eligible for care and support from the Council, they will support you develop a personalised plan that sets out what's important to you and how you want to be supported. Once you have developed your plan, you can decide if you want the Council to make arrangements for you or if you would prefer to organise your own support. 

Even if you’re not eligible for support from the Council, we will always give you information and advice tailored to your circumstances and let you know if there are any other services which may be able to help you. 


Finding a care provider

If you are making your own arrangements, you can look for providers in your area on our CarePlace directory once you have decided on the best option for you. You will be able to find contact details there and each listing will show you the latest CQC rating so you can be sure the provider is adhering to national standards.  


The Council can also provide you with a list of local providers. This will include providers that have a contract with the Council to provide home support to local residents. These providers work in partnership with the Council to offer the best possible care and support and are monitored by the Council’s Quality Assurance Team.

If you have asked the Council to arrange your services for you, they will work with you to find the best possible fit for you.

How much it will cost

What you pay will depend on your individual circumstances and how much support you need every week and the provider you choose. For example, if you need specialist support this is likely to be more expense. Providers will usually charge more than a Personal Assistant because they are responsible for paying the care and support workers' annual leave, sick pay and training and any back office costs. 

If you are eligible for financial support from the Council, you may be able to get a Direct Payment from the Council for their contribution. You will most likely have to pay something towards your care, and the easiest way of managing your overall budget is to pay your own contribution into the Direct Payment account. 


Useful contacts:

GoLocal for Sheen, Mortlake, Barnes, Twickenham or Whitton
Phone: 020 8973 1877

Community Partnership for Richmond, Kew, Ham, Petersham,Teddington or The Hamptons
Phone: 020 8831 6464

Richmond Council Quality Assurance Team
Phone: 020 8831 6446

Richmond Council Adult Access Team
Address: Adult Social Services, Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ
Phone: 020 8891 7971
Minicom: 18001 020 8891 7971