Community Equipment Service

The Richmond Community Equipment Service provides you with equipment to help stay safe in your own home.

What are accredited shops?

These are shops that we have selected because they:

  • Have facilities to provide and demonstrate a range of equipment
  • Have staff that are informed and trained to demonstrate, adjust the equipment and provide instructions for fitting it in your home
  • Are able to offer helpful advice to answer all your questions. 

What happens if I am unable to visit the shop?

  • Your relatives or carers can collect and fit your equipment if you are unable to do so. You can discuss this in more detail with the person assessing you
  • When they visit the shop, they will be given instructions for fitting the equipment and can present your prescription sheet (contained in this booklet) on your behalf
  • Your prescription is valid for 28 days from the date indicated on your prescription sheet. Please make sure to collect within this time. If you do not collect within this time, the prescription will no longer be valid and you will need to contact your assessor.

What happens if the equipment breaks?

Should your equipment break due to a fault, you can contact the shop which provided it. The shop can replace faulty items that are less than one year old. If the equipment becomes faulty after the one year warranty period, you can contact the person who issued your equipment for further reassessment. 


Local accredited shops:

Additional Aids Mobility
Address: 80 High Street, Whitton, Middlesex TW2 7LS
Phone: 020 3369 5022

C Goode Pharmacy
Address: 22 London Road Twickenham Middlesex, TW1 3RR
Phone: 020 8892 1614

Crossroads Pharmacy
Address: 334 Staines Road Twickenham Middlesex, TW2 5AT
Phone: 020 8755 1952

Day Lewis Pharmacy
Address: 1 Cross Deep Court Twickenham, TW1 4AG
Phone: 020 8892 1526

Kanset Pharmacy
Address: 177 Ashburnham Road, Ham Surrey, TW10 7NR
Phone: 020 8948 0601

Minal Pharmacy
Address: 9-11 High Street, Whitton Middlesex, TW2 7LA
Phone: 020 8894 7933

Address: 9 / 11 The Causeway Teddington Middlesex, TW11 0HA
Phone: 020 8943 8890

Richmond Pharmacy
Address: 82-86 Sheen Road Richmond Surrey, TW9 1UF
Phone: 020 8940 3930

Springfield Pharmacy
Address: 124 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey TW91UR
Phone: 020 8940 2304

St Margaret’s Pharmacy
Address: 38 Crown Road St Margaret’s Twickenham Middlesex, TW1 3EH
Phone: 020 8892 2434

Teddington Pharmacy
Address: 113 Stanley Road Teddington, TW11 8UB
Phone: 020 8977 2391