Going on holiday

Going on holiday is a great way to unwind and recharge the batteries. For carers, there are usually other issues to consider, and it can be a challenge to get away.

The first issue to consider is if you are going away with the person you care for, or on your own?

Going away without the person 

If you need to arrange respite care for the person you care for, it's a good idea to organise this first as it may be difficult to coordinate availability with the dates you want to go away, especially if you are looking to travel during popular holiday times. 



Once you have arranged for someone to look after the person, or have booked a short-term residential placement, you can start booking your own holiday. You may want to consider using Carers Holidays as they offer discounts on a whole range of accommodation in the UK and abroad for carers.

Carers Holidays
Phone: 0117 965 2200

If you don't want to go far away, you may want to consider applying for carers break with the Kiloran Trust.

Going on holiday together with the person

If you want to go away together, you may have additional requirements. For example, you may need somewhere that is wheelchair accessible or need additional support to manage travelling and the transfers from the airport to a hotel for example. The following organisations may be able to help:




If the person you are looking after has a specific condition, you may have other requirements. 

Holidays for the person you are looking after

Another way to get a break is to both go away - but on different holidays. There are a number of voluntary organisations or specialist providers who organise residential holidays for people with disabilities, some of which are listed below:




Useful contacts:

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