Deciding to stop working

Being a carer doesn't mean you have to give up work. However, balancing your caring responsibilities with a career can become very difficult and some carers end up leaving work.

Giving up work cannot only have a huge financial impact, but it also means having less time away from caring and less opportunities to meet and talk to other people.

It's also important to think about the future. Giving up work all together may make it harder for you to get back into work later on in life after caring. Before making your decision, think about the impact leaving work will have:

  • Loss of income - will you be able to manage with less money?
  • Will you leaving work have an impact on your pension? 
  • Will you have enough social contact with friends and family if you lose social contact with colleagues at work?
  • Is it likely you will lose some of your skills over time? 

Consider what you and your employer can do differently

Before you decide that you may want to stop working all together you should consider whether there is anything you and your employer can do to make life easier for you. Think about things that may make it easier for you to continue working:

  • Could you make a request for flexible working?
  • Have you considered taking paid or unpaid leave to think about your long-term options?
  • Could you take a career break?
  • Have you had a carer's assessment?
  • Do you need additional care for the person you are looking after? 

Always talk to your line manager or employer. They may be able to help in other ways which you have not considered. 


Useful contacts:

Richmond Carers Hub Service
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Phone: 020 8867 2380

Working Families
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