Getting back into work

If you have given up work or never worked at all because of your caring role, you may want to work or return to work once your caring role ends.

It is easy to lose your confidence when you are out of work for some time. You may feel your skills are out of date or you simply don't know what kind of work you'd like to do. 

Recognising your skills and strengths 

If you're not sure what you'd like to do, start by understanding your own strengths and skills. Think about what you have learned from any paid work or volunteering you have done in the past, and about the skills that you gained from caring.

You may not recognise that you have learned lots of valuable skills while caring for someone. For example, you may have be really good at planning and problem-solving and managing your time. Here are some other skills you may have learned while caring:

  • managing a budget
  • prioritising, organising and negotiating
  • decision making
  • resilience and managing stress
  • building relationships 

Then think about what you enjoy doing, and how you would like to use your skills in the future. You may feel that you need to gain confidence or learn new skills before applying for a job. There a range of different training courses available to help you.


If you feel that you need to gain some confidence and some recent experience, you may want to consider volunteering.


Support to get back into work

There are many organisations that may be able to support you in returning to work:

Richmond Carers Hub Service
Address: 5 Briar Road, Twickenham, TW2 6RB
Phone: 020 8867 2380

Richmond Adult Community College (RACC)
Address: RACC, Parkshot, Richmond Upon Thames, London, TW9 2RE
Phone: 020 8891 5907

National Careers Service
Phone: 0800 100 900