Looking after your feet

The long term effects of not looking after your feet could have serious consequences for your health.

Foot care problems can occur if you're less mobile than you used to be, particularly if you have difficulty bending down. Poor eyesight can also make it harder for you to look after your feet.

Tips for looking after your feet

  • Cut and file toenails to keep them at a comfortable length
  • Smooth and moisturise dry and rough skin
  • Check for cracks and breaks in the skin and inflammation such as blisters
  • Look for signs of infection like nail fungus or other obvious early problems, and seek professional advice
  • Wear suitable socks and footwear
  • Keep your feet clean, dry, mobile, comfortable and warm
  • Bed socks are a good idea.

Looking after your feet can also help prevent the risk of falls. 


Getting help

If you are finding it difficult to look after your feet, you should consider getting help from a chiropodist or podiatrist.


If you have a specific problem with your feet, you should always see your GP first.