Give a little

Whatever your background, work experience, gender or age, volunteering can help get you more involved in your local community and help others.

By giving some of your time and skills to help others out, you’ll have an increased sense of satisfaction, achievement and confidence. You’ll also make new friends and feel more connected to your community - which is all great for your wellbeing:

  • Get a feeling of making a difference and satisfaction
  • Have fun
  • Improve your CV and learn new skills 
  • Expand your social circle
  • Get involved in sport
  • Provide help and support to someone who can't do things for themselves, like children or older people.

How much time to commit

Volunteering is a flexible way to contribute to society, and a number of organisations welcome volunteers who want to help out.  Your role can be tailored around your normal life, to fit in with you, at times when you’re available, e.g. at evenings or weekends. Some people are full-time volunteers, while others only volunteer part time.

How can I help?

Over the years, we will have built up various skills, talents and experiences, either through your career, or in your own personal life.  You can volunteer by helping out in practical ways, as well as using your professional experience from work. However you help, much of your experience could be very valuable in helping others live better lives.  Some of the ways you can help out might include:

  • befriending people who can’t get out and are lonely
  • providing accountancy and numeracy help to organisations or charities
  • running group activities or playing music at a day centre or care home
  • teaching older people how to use technology
  • catering and helping at charitable events
  • helping people to travel and get out and about
  • providing administrative help for an organisation
  • running activities, mentoring or helping out at youth clubs
  • become a governor at a local school or hospital 
  • become a trustee at a local voluntary organisation
  • promoting health awareness messages to the community by becoming a Richmond health champion
  • meeting and greeting at your local hospital. 

Where to volunteer

There are numerous organisations around the borough that would welcome your help, including:

  • local voluntary organisations and charities
  • your local school or college
  • community centres, day centres and care homes
  • youth clubs
  • nature, wildlife or building conservation projects
  • your local library
  • your local hospital
  • helping out your neighbours who live locally. 

How to become a volunteer

If you know which cause or charity you'd like to support, you can approach them directly by registering on their website. If you're not sure what you want to do or find out more and keep up to date with new volunteering opportunities, Community Connections Richmond will be able to help.

Community Connections Richmond
Phone: 020 8843 7945