Arts & Culture

Richmond offers many options for enjoying arts and culture – from galleries hosting historical or contemporary exhibitions, to interesting local museums and cultural events.

There are numerous cultural activities and events taking place throughout the year, with something to suit everyone - whatever your cultural interest. Some examples include:

  • Theatre performances and shows
  • Musical concerts, gigs and performances and festivals 
  • Talks and lectures on various topics 
  • Exhibitions and workshops
  • Organised trips to the cinema with the Film Society
  • Literary and poetry evenings.


  • The Orleans House Gallery is the principal art gallery for the borough of Richmond upon Thames. It hosts five temporary exhibitions each year – ranging from the historical to the contemporary.
  • The Stables Gallery is housed in evocative 19th century stables buildings, and stages approximately seven contemporary and community exhibitions a year.
  • The Riverside Gallery is a year round programme of exhibitions including paintings, prints and photographs. Local artists are featured and work is usually for sale.


There are some fascinating local museums to visit, including:

  • The Museum of Richmond which celebrates the rich history of the area, from royal heritage to fashion and the arts 
  • Kew Bridge Steam Museum which shows how water from the Thames and machinery has been used throughout history
  • World Rugby Museum which showcases over 25,000 items of rugby memorabilia and documentation.

Further information

The Richmond Arts Service provides information on a range of arts events and activities in the borough. They give further details on each of the gallery’s opening times, locations and details of current exhibitions.

The Arts Service at Orleans House Gallery
Phone: 020 8831 6000

Community Partnership for Richmond, Kew, Ham, Petersham,Teddington or The Hamptons
Phone: 020 8831 6464