London Taxicard

London Taxicard provides subsidised door-to-door transport in licensed taxis and private hire vehicles for people with mobility problems.

It enables members who have difficulty in using buses, trains and tubes to get out and about. You can use the scheme 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for trips for social purposes, for example to go shopping, visiting friends and family, and going out to events.

Travelling with company

You may be accompanied by up to four people if you are travelling in a Black Taxi and up to three in a Private Hire Vehicle at no additional cost. If you have a large wheelchair, only three, sometimes only two, companions may be able to travel with you, depending on the type of wheelchair.  

How does it work?

The scheme year runs from 1 April until 31 March. Scheme members are allocated an annual trip allowance of 104 trips per year. If you are joining the scheme part way through the scheme year, your trip allocation for your first year will be calculated pro rata by London Councils. Thereafter you will receive 104 trips on the 1 April each year. Unused trips from the previous scheme year are not carried over.

If you are approved to become a scheme member, you will be sent a starter pack containing your Taxicard. You will first need to activate your Taxicard by following the instructions within the starter pack.  Once activated, you can book taxis online via Computer Cab (ComCab) or by telephoning the number on the back of the card. You can also hail a Computer Cab taxi in the street or from a rank. Taxicard members booking online can track the progress of the booking via their ComCab account.


Who is eligible?

You can apply for the London Taxicard if you are a permanent residents in Richmond and are: 

  • blind; or
  • have long term, severe mobility difficulties; and
  • have difficulty in using public transport.

How much does it cost

Trips are paid for partly by us and partly by you, the Taxicard member. You always pay the first £2.50. There are three tariffs depending on the day and time you travel. The Council pays a different amount towards the cost of your journey, based on which tariff is used. If the trip cost exceeds £2.50, plus the Council's contribution, you must pay the excess amount.

For each use, the forst £2.50 paid by you. After that the council subsidises the following: Monday - Friday 6am-8pm your £2.50 plus up to £8.30 paid by the council any thing that exceeds this £10.80 is paid by you. Monday- Friday 8pm - 10pm  and Saturday and Sunday 6am- 10pm up to £9.30 subsidised by the council then in excess of £11.80 is paid by you and Every night 10pm - 6am and all day public holidays, £10.80 is subsidised by the council and anything is excess of £13:30 is paid by you. 

How to apply

You can apply by completing and sending the sending the application form to the Accessible Transport Unit who will assess your eligibility for a Taxicard.


Useful contacts:

Accessible Transport Unit
Address: 4 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8HT
Phone: 020 8831 6191 / 6097