Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Wheelchairs and scooters make getting around so much easier. There’s a wide range to choose from with something to suit everyone, whatever your mobility needs are.

It’s important to get advice from a wheelchair or scooter specialist before buying one – this could be the person selling them, who you can talk to either in the showroom, or contact directly through the shop’s website. This will help to identify your needs and ensure the correct wheelchair or scooter matches your personal requirements.

What types of scooters and wheelchairs are available?

  • Wheelchairs tend to be manually operated, which means moving them along by using your hands. Scooters and electric wheelchairs are powered electrically, meaning that you simply drive the chair by operating a joy-stick, without having to push it yourself.  
  • Scooters are sturdy, battery-powered vehicles which can carry a heavier weight, and are good for frequent usage and longer mileage. They come in a range of sizes - the smaller ones are lightweight can be dissembled for transportation or storage.  
  • Electric wheelchairs are powered electronically by motors which are fitted to the wheels. You operate the chair by using a joystick control, instructing it to move forwards, backwards, and at what speed.  These come in various weights and sizes, and can sometimes be dissembled, or folded away for transportation or storage.  
  • Manual wheelchairs are maneuvered by yourself.  These are often foldable, meaning that you can transport them in the boot of a car etc.  They come in various weights, and some are ultra compact, lightweight, and easy to stowaway.

A few things to consider before buying:

  • The price of the scooter / wheelchair usually reflects the quality, so if you’re paying a fair amount, you have the right to expect a decent quality. 
  • A scooter / wheelchair must be comfortable, so carefully consider seat sizes, weight restrictions, and any other special requirements or adaptations you may need.  Make sure the scooter/ wheelchair’s maximum user weight and seat size is appropriate for you.  
  • If possible, do try the scooter/ wheelchair out before you buy, or at least make sure there’s a returns-policy in place.

There are a range of different suppliers who provide scooters and wheelchairs, who also offer a servicing, repairs and maintenance service:

Disabled Living Foundation
Phone: 020 7289 6111

Living made easy
Phone: 0300 999 0004

Useful contacts:

Richmond Council Adult Access Team
Address: Adult Social Services, Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ
Phone: 020 8891 7971
Minicom: 18001 020 8891 7971