Apps and services to help you remember

There are lots of apps to help you remember and manage your life day-to-day.


iReminisce is a life story, reminiscence and family inclusion app that helps alleviate loneliness, promotes socialisation and is proven to improve wellbeing for those living with a cognitive impairment such as dementia. Other family members can log in from anywhere, view your progress and comment on your story.

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It’s Done!

It's Done! helps confirm if you have completed tasks throughout the day. You tick 'Done' for each of your routine tasks, like locking the door, then later if you cannot remember if you locked the door, the It’s Done! app confirms that the task has been completed.

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Medisafe will remind users when to take medications and when a refill is due. It can record medications dosages, measurements and much more in Medisafe and provides medication reports. The app notifies a Med-Friend (family member or caretaker) if users don’t check in to record that they have taken their medication, so that they can remind users to take their medication if needed.

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MindMate offers three different apps to make people living with Dementia more independent - one for the individual living with Dementia, one for family members and one specifically designed for residential care. 

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Pill Manager

Pill Manager is a complete Medicine Management System. Alerts can be set to notify users as and when to take the medications. A history of medication usage is kept in the tool that can be viewed anytime or forwarded to a health care professional. Users can re-order their medication either by sending a list of medicines or an image of the prescription directly to a pharmacy (or surgery) of their choice.

Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store 




RemindMeCare is designed to build up a profile about an individual which helps professionals to provide personalised care at every stage. RemindMeCare is offered on a subscription basis for businesses and is free for the person and their family or friends to use.  


Talking Point

Talking Point is Alzheimer's Society's online support and discussion forum, for anyone affected by dementia. It's a place to read others' experiences, ask for advice, share information, join in discussions, and feel supported.

Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


My Life Films

My Life Films is a charity that uses filmmaking to improve the lives of people with dementia. We make free films that tell their life-stories, celebrating memories and shifting focus away from the illness.


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